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Can an app teach a child to read and write?


‘Yes. It’s that simple,’ says Quib.ly contributor Chris Brennan. ‘I’ve seen it happen with my own daughter.’

The iPad was supposed to be mine but from an incredibly young age my daughter was able to use it. Sit a two-year-old in front of a PC with a keyboard and mouse and it’s more than likely they’ll just bash the keyboard with the mouse and throw things at the screen. The iPad (or any touch screen device) is a different kettle of fish. Kids have a natural aptitude for the touch interface.

There are hundreds of kids’ books and interactive apps that you can download to help your child learn to read. Many of the apps will read a story and turn the virtual pages automatically and some let you record your own voice so you can still read a bedtime story even if you’re not actually there. The Toy Story app, for example, highlights each word as it’s read and has music and video from the movies. All helping to keep the kids entertained and sneakily, teaching them something at the same time.

The story is much the same for writing. The finger control of a touch screen makes it perfect for apps like Letter Quiz where your child traces letters with their finger learning how to construct each one. The reward for getting all the letters right is an on-screen fireworks display. Once they’ve cracked the shapes writing them down on paper is a cinch.

Though your children will get more out of an app if you’re there to assist you can very quickly leave them to it. By the time they get to school they’ll have a head start and, best of all, the learning is disguised as something that’s simply good fun.

Have you used apps to teach your children to read and write? 

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